Alexander Lyulyakin



He realized that he wants to be a drummer at the age of 15-16. His father - a musician, guitarist, took Alexander to concerts since he was two. He absorbed the music, and it was interesting for him to watch the drummers play. Father turned on Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and the young kid tried to repeat after their drummers.

Alexander grew up in Nikolaev - in the port city. There the musicians have their musical-steamboat coalition - all the musicians were sailors at the same time. Guitarist Ruslan Amirkhanov and pianist Levon Mirzoyan heard about him and invited to record in the studio. They recorded a couple of tracks and then they asked if he wants to try to work on the ship. He was 20 then.

During his work on the ships, Alexander played with the trumpeter and singer from the orchestra of Jaco Pastorius - Jimmy Michael Stewart (Jamie Michael Stewart). He was called the second Frank Sinatra. And Holly Lipton, who sang the part of Magdalena in the musical Jesus Christ the Superstar.

When Lyulyakin was offered to play in Boombox ... He, frankly, knew a little about the band and was not interested in show business. But after he heard a couple of tracks that was enough for him to make a decision. This is exactly the kind of music that he really liked: hip-hop, the sound is very fashionable at the time, with electronic beats.

Alexander Lyulyakin never stops experimenting and do not think of patterns that once infected with, the same as his hero - Dave Weckl, for example. He does not disdain any styles of music, listening to classics, jazz, rock, new metal, fusion. Everywhere where’s the buzz!